Transport control measures
We increase revenues by preventing the revenue concealmen
Income loss structure
In 93% of cases, the reason for the revenue loss is the deliberate actions of employees and only in 7% of cases the fare is not paid for by the passenger.
Reasons for income loss
External causes
- Duplication of routes by legal carriers
- Actions by illegal carriers
- Presence of traffic block on highways
Internal causes
- Quality of service does not meet the expectations of passengers
- Appropriation of passenger fare by employees of the enterprise
- Unpaid passenger fare
- Regularity of traffic on bus routes does not meet the passengers' expectations
Reasons for revenue appropriation
Presence of financial problems
Non-compliance of the wage system (bonus, incentives and/or labour motivation systems) with the needs and expectations of the employees who somehow have access to material values.
Access to cash funds
Employees have direct access to cash funds or other material values, access control is lacking, ineffective or impossible due to the nature of the work.
Internal justificatios
Due to the fact that wages are either not in line with the expectations of the employee or, in his opinion, the principle of fairness is violated and he receives a lower salary than the same employees for the same work, the employee justifies the appropriation of a part of the proceeds as some compensation for lost wages.
What is the real statistics?
On the example of the "standard" enterprise of the Moscow region:
31st and 135th bus routes
Passenger traffic increase
Comparison of the passenger traffic of a standard work day and a control day
Number of trips on a standard work day: 42 thousand trips
Number of trips on a control day: 61 thousand trips
Income increase
Comparison of the standard work day and control day proceeds
Cash proceeds on a standard work day: 467 thousand rubles
Cash proceeds on a control day: 1,499 thousand rubles
Estimation of the theft level during the collection of proceeds by busmen and drivers:
- according to the heads of motor companies, 3-10%
- according to experts of control services - 30-60%
of the control service structure is based on the following laws
The third law of thermodynamics
applied to business processes can be formulated as follows: "in unmanaged systems, the entropy tends to infinity"
Gaussian distribution
one of the parameters of which is an expression of information entropy(entropy is a measure of uncertainty)
Even if the amount of appropriated funds by each driver and/or busman is relatively small then because of the significant number of summands the distribution of the centred and normalized result tends to a normal distribution, and this indicates a very high probability of both appropriating sufficiently large funds and presence of a centralized system of proceeds theft.
Types of control measures
Statistical control allows to
- Identify non-giving the tickets to passengers
- Identify unfair employees
- Identify bus schedule problems
- Ensure control over work on the route
The all-day control allows to
- Determine the potential passenger traffic and revenue on routes
Local check allows to reveal
- Financial irregularities resulting in lower revenues
- Facts of work without a payment terminal on the route
- Facts of selling fake and withdrawn travel documents
Unfair employees
Identification of the facts of non-giving of tickets
The methodology allows to:
  • Identify the proceeds concealment
  • Determine the guilty driver (busman)
  • Determine the amount of appropriated monetary funds
Suspicious transactions were identified after the driver's (busman's) working time end which indicate that this driver (busman) did not give tickets to passengers during the working day.
Route No. A is served by 1 bus. According to the route schedule, the time for the bus to leave the fleet is 05:49, the return is at 21:16.
The driver Dubinin D.D., after completing work on the line for a period of 9 minutes (from 22:18 to 22:27) made 110 transactions.
Work on the route
Identification of errors in scheduling work on the route
It was revealed that due to lack of control on the part of the branch management the proceeds in the morning rush hour was not reported in the system
Work on the route
Control of bus departures from the route
The methodology allows to:
  • Identify errors in bus schedules
  • Correctly plan the need for rolling stock for each route
  • Identify departures from the route concealed by the drivers
Transport work
Transport work control
Typical violations detected during the inspection of transport operation of carriers on Moscow Region route network
Transport work
Excessive speed control
Typical violations detected during the inspection of transport operation of carriers on Moscow Region route network