Ticket vending machine

Provides automatic ticket sale and transport cards refilling
Connection: Ethernet, Wi-Fi, 2G/3G.
Cards: based on Mifare, PayPass, payWave, MIR bank cards.
Printing: cheques, QR/bar codes, reports.
Possibility of performance without a printer.
Screen: 19 inches and more

Device characteristics

Main characteristics of Moskva self-service device
Attractive design
Time of utilitarian design has passed, a bright and complex design has the right to exist not only in the design of Moskva trains, but also self-service devices
Large screen
A large, bright touch screen with expected reactions to touch and completely without "lags" will give a feeling of working with the iPhone
Adaptive interface
Interface and sales scenario adjustable to passenger. The device itself offers a solution.
30 user languages
The user interface makes it easy to choose a language among 8 world languages and 22 languages of other European states and the countries of the former USSR
Visually version
The contrast mode of operation and voice duplication of actions allows the visually impaired to use the device
Payment by bank cards
The device is equipped with a fiscal drive and the tools for work with all types of payment bank cards. Built-in container for left cheques.