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Stationary payment terminal

Designed for no-busman fare payment
Modern fare terminal is designed to work as part of an automated fare payment system. It allows you to service contactless transport and bank cards.

It is able to work autonomously when installed both in compact vehicles and as part of on board complex of large vehicles. It has the smallest size among the autonomous contactless payment terminals.

Allows the installation in turnstiles with the ability to control the turnstile pass.


The main characteristics of the self-service device TOR-1f
Quality assembling
The device was tested in real projects in Russia: Resistant to vibration, power supply from 9 to 24 V, operable at negative temperatures
Small size
Compact size allows to use the terminal for installation in turnstiles and vehicles
Bank card service
Certified for the maintenance of contactless payment of Visa payWave and MC PayPass cards
Ease of use
The possibility of large-scale repair of KZP by the customer through the simple replacement of the terminal
Communication capabilities
Broad communication capabilities allow to integrate the solution into various payment terminals
Protection against changes in software and key information due to 11 intrusion sensors